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पश्चिम रेल्वे मध्ये विविध पदाच्या एकूण 2226 जागा असा करा अर्ज


मित्रानो पश्चिम रेल्वे कडून एक महत्वाची माहिती समोर येत आहे ती म्हणजे रेल्वे विभागात नवीन 2026 जगासाठी अर्ज मागविण्यात येत आहेत. आपण खाली दिलेल्या लिंक वरून अर्ज करू शकता

Total: 2226 जागा

पदाचे नाव: अप्रेंटिस (प्रशिक्षणार्थी)

शैक्षणिक पात्रता: (i) 50% गुणांसह 10वी उत्तीर्ण   (ii) संबंधित ट्रेड मध्ये ITI

वयाची अट: 01 जानेवारी 2022 रोजी 15 ते 24 वर्षे [SC/ST: 05 वर्षे सूट, OBC: 03 वर्षे सूट]

नोकरी ठिकाण: पश्चिम-मध्य रेल्वे

Fee: General/OBC: ₹100/-    [SC/ST/PWD/महिला: फी नाही]

Online अर्ज करण्याची शेवटची तारीख: 10 नोव्हेंबर 2021

Mumbai-Howrah route via Itarsi- Jabalpur in the west east direction and from Mathura (excluding to Nagda (excluding on Delhi-Mumbai route via Ratlam forming a part of one of the important diagonal and side of golden quadrilateral of Indian Railways.

         In the north-south direction the zone has Bina (Including)-Bhopal-Itarsi (Including section of Delhi- Chennai trunk route. In addition important freight corridor of New Katni On-Line and branch line sections of Katni-Singrauli, Satna-Rewa, Jukehi-Kymore, Bina-Guna-Kota, Kota - Chanderiya (excluding) and Maksi (excluding Guna-Gwalior (excluding are also within the jurisdiction of this new zonal railway-West Central Railway caters to 39 districts (24 districts of M.P., 13 of Rajasthan and 2 of U.P.). It has a total route kilometers of 2997 kms. (Track kilometres-6295 kms.) of which 1627 route kms.  are electrified. (Electrified Track kilometres-3972 kms.) Out of total route Km. of WCR, 2185 km (about 73 %) of its route falls in the State of M.P., 758 km (about 25 %) falls in Rajasthan and rest 54 km. comes under the jurisdiction of U.P.  

         Important stations served by this railway include Jabalpur, Bhopal & Kota of A1 Category Stations, Habibganj, Itarsi, Bina, Vidisha, Hoshangabad, Katni, Satna, Saugor, Maihar, Pipariya, Damoh, Sawai Madhopur,Bharatpur of  A Category Stations and  Ganjbasoda,  Harda, Guna,  Narsinghpur, Madanmahal,  Gangapur city,  Ramganj Mandi , Baran, Chau Mahala, Shri Mahabirji etc. . West Central Railway has a fair balance of passenger and freight traffic. On the freight side the most important originating traffic is of cement which is loaded in Satna-Rewa cluster of Jabalpur division. Lakheri, Dadhdevi, Morak stations of Kota division. Other originating commodities handled include bauxite, limestone, dolomite and clinker on Jabalpur division, LPG and POL on Bhopal division fertifilizer on Kota and Bhopal divisions, deoiled cake on Bhopal and Jabalpur divisions and food grain on Bhopal division. In Financial Year 2016-17, the daily average loading of this Railway is about 1585  wagons, the annual originating revenue earning loading is approximately 36.45 million tonnes (amounting to approximately to Rs. 3253.22 crores). On the passenger side this railway deals with 608 no. of mail express and 143 no. of passenger trains including 9+2 pairs of Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains , 2 pairs of Jan-Shatabdi trains, 5 pairs of Garib Rath, 8 pairs of Duronto Exp. & 2 pairs of Suvidha Exp.  Approx. 134.36 million (FY 2016-17) passengers originate their journey every year on this railway giving a passenger earning Rs. 3004.41 crores actual (FY 2016-17). After accounting for other coaching earnings including parcel traffic of Rs. 145.85 crores actual (FY 2016-17) the overall total annual earning of this railway comes to  Rs. 9878.29 crores actual (FY 2016-17). Operating ratio of WCR in 2016-17 was 73.90%

         West Central Railway has two major marshalling yards at New Katni Jn. And Itarsi Jn. It also has   three electric loco sheds at New Katni (having holding of 188 Locomotives), Itarsi ( with holding of 189 Locomotives), and Tuglakabad (holding of 227 Locomotives),  with a total fleet of 604 electric locomotives (as on Jan. 2017) and two diesel loco sheds at New katni (having holding of 229 Locomotives), and Itarsi ( with holding of 170 Locomotives), with a total fleet of 399 diesel locomotives (as on Jan. 2017)  to keep the traffic moving on its routes, To keep the fleet of nearly 1003 locomotives in good fettle all the time is a mammoth task and a challenge which is successfully met by this railway. In addition there is a Coach Rehabilitation Workshop at Bhopal and a Wagon Repair Workshop at Kota which are engaged in the activity of heavy repairs to passenger coaches and POH of goods wagons especially of oil tank wagons. Coach Rehabilitation Workshop, Bhopal has re-furbished Model rakes having state-of-the-art features and passenger facilities/comforts for Mahamana Express (inaugurated on 22 Jan 2016). Prioritizing safety in operations, West Central Railway became the first zone of Indian Railways to eliminate all its unmanned level crossings by 31 Aug, 2015.

         Some important ongoing projects of WCR are electrification work of Itarsi-Manikpur Sec.(510 Km.); new lines on Lalitpur-Khajuraho-Panna-Satna Sec.(283 Km.), Rewa-Sidhi-Singrauli Sec.(165 Km.) & on Ramganjmandi-Bhopal Sec. (262 Km.); doubling of Katni-Singrauli Sec. (261 Km.), Bina-Kota Sec. (282 Km.) & Satna-Rewa Sec.(50 Km.) and tripling project of Bina-Habibganj-Barkheda-Budni-Itarsi Sec.(total 242 Km.). The foundation stone of Diesel Locomotive Traction Alternator Workshop has been laid in Vidisha of Bhopal division in 2015 for the purpose of indigenously manufacturing some important components to be used in Diesel Locomotives.